What Are ASMR Personality Types?

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There are four main ASMR personality types:

1. The Artist

These people are highly creative and often use ASMR as a way to express themselves. They may create ASMR videos or audio recordings and often have a strong following on social media.

2. The Healer

These people use ASMR to help others relax and de-stress. They may work as therapists or counselors and often use ASMR recordings in their sessions.

3. The Explorer

These people are curious about ASMR and use it as a way to explore new sensations. They often experiment with different triggers and attempt to find new ways to experience ASMR.

4. The Sensitive 

These people are highly sensitive to ASMR and often find it an extremely calming and relaxing experience. They may use ASMR to help with anxiety or stress and usually strongly react to ASMR videos or audio recordings.

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